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Climate control and weight

Climate control plays a bigger part in the way our bodies regulate weight than we realize. Our body will react to the external environment and make adjustments it deems necessary for optimal performance  and protection such as adding or removing layers of body fat. Our body fat has more than one function, but one of it's primary functions is to protect us from the elements similar to the way an animals fur works to protect it. In taking control of the external environment, we can control what our bodies will do.  Raise the thermostat and lower the AC. Both play a major role. Several degrees warmer on the thermostat should be fine. You don't want to go overboard and be uncomfortably hot. You do want it to be warm enough though so that your body says "okay some of this insulation has just got to go"...and starts the processes of discarding some of the fat it has stored.  AC should be avoided completely and  used only if temperatures are extremely high and uncomfortable. When used AC should be set at the lowest setting possible.  In over using artificial climate control systems and not adjusting temperatures correctly, we are not allowing our bodies to self regulate correctly. If you're working on weight loss pay attention to the temperature of your environment make sure it's warm enough ...your body is already paying attention. Make this mechanism of your body work to your advantage in weight loss rather than against you. Keep in mind that you are not trying to "sweat" the weight off. What you're aiming for is to create a consistently warmer environment for your body to function in and  interact with so that when it's making it's decision of how much fat it needs for protection it will decide on less

Processed foods

Eliminate them if you're working on weight loss There is so much junk in processed foods that it's almost impossible for the body to get rid of of it all and still do what it's supposed to do...get rid of stuff it considers waste to begin with. From carbonated drinks with artificial sweeteners to prepackaged cakes and cake mixes, sliced bread with's all bad and almost impossible to eliminate from the body in addition to everything else it needs to eliminate.  It's not  an impossible task to remove these items from your diet. Soft drinks can be replaced with herbal teas, mineral water, or  fruit and vegetable juices that you make yourself. Cakes and treats can be made from scratch without all the artificial ingredients and preservatives also giving you control over other contents including sodium and fat. The same is true of bread. Switching to whole wheat is also a good idea. It's more nutritious,much easier to digest and aids in the digestion of other foods consumed. I now buy whole wheat flour and bake my own bread. Far easier to do than I thought,  more nutritious and less junk for my body to process and eliminate.

Cayenne pepper and garlic

Two things that can easily be incorporated into anyone's daily routine. A must in the weight loss battle. They act as warming agents and help with the climate control factors discussed above. By naturally enhancing your body's heat generating processes and increasing  the production of heat, you enhance your body's ability to burn fat and boost your metabolism. They aid circulation, digestion, and assimilation. Problems with digestion and assimilation of nutrients can be key causes of overeating.  If our bodies are not getting enough nutrients because we're either not eating the right foods or because we're not properly digesting our foods and getting as much nutrition from them as we should, our bodies will constantly send us signals to eat.  Blood circulation is what takes all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals and distributes them throughout your body. It's also what carries out and removes all  the waste material. The use of cayenne and garlic on a daily basis will optimize the performance. They will ensure that you extract all the nutritional value you can from the foods you eat and digest them properly.  Cayenne may help regulate blood sugar levels and thus potentially help the body more effectively control cravings. Both should be taken daily, and can be taken up to three times a day. You can simply incorporate cayenne into your routine by sprinkling into your meals as you're preparing them, or mix 1/4 of a teaspoon into half a cup of warm water and drink. Garlic must be fresh. One clove taken and chewed thoroughly will do. If the garlic's odor is problematic for you, chewing a sprig of parsley afterwords will help neutralize the odor. You can also try  doing the garlic only on the weekends if you like, and do it three times a day.The cayenne has no odor and should be done once a day every day at the least. Garlic thins the blood, so if taking any blood thinner medications do not use garlic. Both garlic and cayenne are hot so use caution.Drinking milk will help if you find the cayenne too hot, water will make it seem hotter. If you find 1/4 of  teaspoon too hot when taking the cayenne, take less and work back up to 1/4 of a teaspoon gradually as you will develop a tolerance to it. Avoid excesses. If  for one reason or another you can't do both the garlic and the cayenne do the cayenne.

Meats and cheeses

Meats and cheeses need to be almost eliminated from the diet.These foods work against us when working on weight loss. I would go almost as far as saying completely eliminate them, but most people balk when they hear that. Meats are laden with fat and hormones. Cheeses have a high fat content.We tend to over consume these products,eating them daily and often several times daily leaving us with a high fat intake. If you cannot eliminate meats including chicken, pork, and turkey from your diet completely, at least strictly limit them. Use cheeses sparingly and limit your meat intake to at most three times a week. Not  three times a day three times a week...three times a week  at the MOST.
Remember little changes can make  huge difference.  If for instance you love pasta with meat sauce, continue to make that meal. Instead of using ground beef , try substituting and using  chopped mushrooms or chopped eggplant instead of beef or other meats. They can be surprisingly delicious alternatives, and in having a meal similar to what you're used to you will be satisfied physically and emotionally. Avoiding any sense of deprivation is critical when working on weight loss. If we leave ourselves feeling deprived we are bound to make up for it somewhere down the line. Food is necessary for survival physically and mentally. Our bodies will not stop sending signals to us compelling us to eat if we are not sated.

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